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Kim to the rescue! She saved us all. My sweet perfect little baby decided to just no longer sleep.!! or she only slept if mom/dad held her or was in bed with us. Every response from google searches turned up unhelpful. Of course, I was hesitant to hire a consultant, but I just couldn’t spend any more time lacking sleep because I would be holding my baby to sleep. Hiring Kim was probably one of my best decisions yet!!! My kid is persistent and she fought it and every time it felt it was too difficult there was Kim helping me get through it and she had answers for everything. She kept me calm, she helped me not worry and most of all she got my kid to sleep!! My daughter now falls asleep on her own (within minutes), she sleeps 12hrs over night, she does not need me to sleep. Same with naps. She is in daycare now, and is a pro sleeper! I recommend this service to anyone looking for help. You can spend days and nights stressing out and worrying, losing sleep because your kid is struggling to sleep, or you can just hire Kim and your problem gets fixed in a couple of weeks!! I pick Kim!
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Choosing a sleep training method. So you’re ready to sleep train but have no idea where to begin. Choosing the sleep training method is certainly an important decision and it can be a tough one. ...

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Back to School and Your Child’s Sleep

Back to School Summer is coming to an end and crazily enough, all the stores are stocked full of back to school supplies even though it’s still only August! Some retailers and parents like to ...



Join the movement towards family connection and better sleep. Because a good night’s sleep starts at bedtime.

Welcome to Good Night Sleep Site

Are you exhausted from lack of sleep & wondering what a sleep consultant can do for your family?

Perhaps you are exhausted from sleep due to a new baby in the house or a toddler that is having trouble sleeping through the night. Have you been suffering from your own sleep issues and wondering how to sleep again? It is time to speak with a Good Night Sleep Site sleep consultant and learn some effective sleep training tips to get you and your family into healthier sleep habits. Our sleep consultants work with your family values, beliefs, and individual concerns to bring about longer naps and deeper sleeps through the night resulting in a happier and healthier family unit.

Good Night Sleep Site® is a family and pediatric sleep consultant practice. Your personal certified Good Night Sleep Site sleep consultant will provide you with emotional and educational support in order to help your baby, child, and yourself with your family’s sleep needs. Our philosophy is simple. There are many sleep program options and specific sleep training method approaches to choose from in designing an effective sleep training plan. We don’t choose one over another. Your Good Night Sleep Site sleep consultant will choose the right sleep training plan to fit your individual family’s needs.

Our certified sleep consultants work with you to create your sleep plan and customizing proper sleep hygiene for your baby, child, and family.

Our sleep consultants help your family learn great sleep habits that last a lifetime.

Our goal, as a sleep consultant, is to work with you and set up a sleep plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or child become a GREAT sleeper in a way that suits your family values.

Global Sleep Consultant Network

Our global certified sleep consultant network is dedicated to helping the world sleep easier and better. We find what works for you and your family and build on that. The nightmare of sleepless nights is over, and a new day has dawned! Whether you are a first time parent, a been-there-done-that parent, or a parent of multiples, you and your child are about to start a wonderful sleep journey and we can’t wait to join you!