When to introduce a Lovey

To introduce a lovey or not to introduce a lovey, that is the question.

Infants to Adults wake up in the middle of the night but as adults, we have learned how to put ourselves back to sleep, such as moving our pillow or blanket a certain way. Although cuddling appears to comfort your little one at bedtime, the larger issue with laying with your child is when they fall asleep and you leave the room. When your child wakes up in the middle of the night they will need you, you are their “lovey” to go back to sleep. It makes sense when your child arouses in the middle of the night that they will cry for you or even get out of bed and go to your bedroom looking for you because they need you to fall asleep.  At 12 months or older you may want to introduce a “lovey”, or a small and safe comfort item, to help your child go to sleep on their own. Always place your little one in their crib on their back drowsy, but awake. Allow them to take it from there and fall asleep on their own. If and when your child arouses in the middle of the night they can use their lovey for comfort to soothe themselves and to help them go back to sleep on their own. All children are capable of falling asleep on their own if we give them space to practice this much needed life skill.

My Favorites:

Angel Dear Blankie
aden + anais snuggle knit star lovey
Little Giraffe Little G Blanky
Slumberkins Slumber Sloth Snuggler
Cloud Island™ – Small Security Blanket Bear  

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Ali Lazar
Ali Lazar
Ali Lazar is a certified Child Sleep Consultant from the well renowned Family Sleep Institute and trained Good Night Educator and sleep consultant with Good Night Sleep Site. After giving birth to her son early, he was born at 26 1/2 weeks and only 2 lbs. 5 ounces, Ali’s life as a new mother was forever changed. She experienced a tumultuous 3-month stay in the NICU with her little one until he was released to go home at a healthy weight – a true miracle baby. This left her with many sleepless nights listening to her infant’s every breath and feeding him frequently through the night to keep his weight on track. Ali sleep trained her preemie baby all by herself but now wished she had the support of a Good Night Sleep Site Sleep Consultant. After Ali met Alanna McGinn and Whitney Port at a Sleep Clinic in the Park at Palisades Village something sparked in her that she too could help other families get their little ones to sleep better. Ali chose to pursue a career as a Child Sleep Consultant because she is passionate about the importance of sleep and the journey it takes to help families get the healthy sleep they need. The most important thing she has to offer is not a thing at all, it’s giving her time and resources to serve other families. Ali is a respectful active listener and problem solver with a gentle and calm demeanor by nature. She enjoys the opportunity to support, listen and learn. Ali also enjoys gathering new parents together to discuss everything sleep. Ali lives in Brentwood, California with her 3-year old son who she adores. She loves to have dance parties & movie nights with her toddler, watch the sunset and stroll the Brentwood Farmers Market on Sundays.
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