Adult sleep and sleep disorders are a common issue’s in today’s society. We spend one third of our lives sleeping yet adult sleep is a common struggle for people.

How To Host A Book Club With Your Partner

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We all know screen time before bed inhibits our sleep. It’s time adults close our laptops, put down the tablets and get back into the page-flipping scene. We’re bringing back bedtime and the romance of books with you and your partner. Forget book clubs with friends, it’s time to find out how to host a book [...]

Sleep Like The Olympic Athlete You Are

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The Olympics are under way and athletes from around the world have come together to perform in events they’ve spent years training for. But the secret weapon to between winning a gold or a silver might actually come down to the time athletes spend between the sheets. Dr. Mark Rosekind, a sleep specialist who has [...]

How To Create A Meditation Space

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If you want to start using meditation as a tool to help you sleep better at night, but aren’t sure where to start, we have provided you with some great meditation 101 ideas here.  In preparation to begin your meditation practice, it is best to find a space to use that will help you calm [...]

A Better Sleep Environment Using The Five Senses

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The key to a good night’s sleep at any age is setting up your sleep environment for sleep success. We equip our kitchens with the tools we need to create delicious meals and our dens are fit for relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, the bedroom sleep environment often gets overlooked. Instead of functioning as your space to [...]

New Research Proves Your Circadian Rhythm Influences Your Health

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If you’re familiar with the term circadian rhythm, you know that it refers to the internal mechanism that tells your body things like when you feel sleepy and when to wake up. At Good Night Sleep Site, one of the things we help new parents understand, is how baby’s circadian rhythms influence their sleep patterns. In [...]

How To Sleep Well When Pregnant

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Frequent wakings, tossing and turning, difficulty getting comfortable, all coupled with various aches and pains. Throw in insomnia and some heartburn and the chance of getting a good night’s rest can seem impossible.  Sleepless nights can be common practice for new parents, but most pregnant women also struggle with sleep in the months leading up [...]

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress – A Game Changer for Your Sleep

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Ready to Choose the Perfect Mattress? Like so many in my phase of life you get married, buy a new house, and start a family. Throughout the years you furnish and decorate that house and make it into a home, and one of the first purchases you may have made was a new mattress for [...]

How to Nap Properly – Make Sure You’re Doing it Right

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Ready to take a nap? Make sure you know how to nap properly. There is no debating that naps are glorious. They can revitalize you, boost energy and productivity and set you on the right foot for the day. But did you know that there’s a right and wrong way to nap properly? Follow these [...]

How To Meditate To Sleep Better

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If you’re like the average North American, your life is stressful and busy and it’s taking a toll on your sleep. The more things on our mind at bedtime, the less likely we are to have a good night’s sleep. The less rested we are, the more stress negatively affects us – it’s a vicious [...]