Jennie Clarke
Jennie ClarkeCertified Sleep Consultant

Jennie is a Certified Sleep Consultant with Good Night Sleep Site. Mother to two boys (Jackson and Jonathan) and wife of a supportive husband, Jason. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with vast experience in hospitality and management. The Clarke family resides in Central Florida.

Jennie came to Good Night Sleep Site as a client herself and both of Jennie’s children have been sleep-trained through Good Night Sleep Sites’ methodologies. The family moved cross country (from Lake Tahoe, Nevada) when Jackson (“Jack”) was only 3 months old. Traveling such a distance was not conducive to good sleep for Jack and aggravated his natural baby sleep rhythms. Soon, settled in Florida, Jennie realized she needed help with Jack who, by then, was sleeping unpredictably. She reached out to a Good Night Sleep Site Consultant and was astounded with the results. Jack has been sleeping well ever since.

Jennie successfully applied Good Night Sleep Site principles to her second son, Jonathon, who has a different personality. The experience has helped Jennie to realize that it’s important to work with the individual needs of each specific child. Meanwhile, his older brother, Jack, now shows signs of asking to go to bed at the appropriate time. This reinforced Jennie’s belief in Good Night Sleep Site’s effective methods.

Today, healthy sleep habits are a passion for Jennie. She completed the Family Sleep Institute’s intensive certification program and has trained as a Good Night Sleep Educator and stays current with the latest literature. Daily she’s more certain that a child’s healthy sleep habits can lead to a happier family. Her work and her love is to help all members of the family get the rest they need and deserve. It is vital to Jennie that family values, needs and desired outcomes are heard, respected and responded to with a specific plan of action.