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Shannon Bettencourt
Shannon BettencourtCertified Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’ve been in your shoes. I’m not the first tired mama and I certainly won’t be the last, but it’s my goal to help as many of you as possible!

It all started when my first child was born in 2012. I fell in love with the community of moms I found in my local mom’s groups and even online. While motherhood can be isolating, I found these groups of ladies to be an amazingly supportive outlet and knew then I wanted to work with moms and kids in some capacity (and dads too!).

Unique sleep problems with my first, and four years later my second, led me to the study of infant and child sleep. It’s a uniting topic, sleep. We all need it and every area of our lives is affected without it. Understanding the every mechanic of human and child sleep has become my passion.

Whether your facing challenges with your baby sleeping through the night, your toddler sleeping in his/her own bed, or facing transitions like dropping naps or moving to a big kid bed, Good Night Sleep Site New Hampshire offers personalized action plans customized to your child and your parenting personality.