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Samantha Wood
Samantha WoodCertified Sleep Consultant

Samantha Wood is a certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant and trained Good Night Sleep Site Educator. She is Mum to her amazing and energetic toddler, Jenson and wife to her very supportive husband and an incredible dad, Chris. Originally from England, Samantha moved to Orange County, California about 8 years ago and it has been home ever since. She has a background in Early Childhood Education with a BA in Primary Teacher Education from Oxford Brookes University and extensive experience working with children of all ages. Prior to starting her career as a Sleep Consultant, she worked as a Preschool Teacher where she noticed how the effects of sleep deprivation can have a substantial impact on children’s behavior and learning.

Samantha is passionate about helping children learn and grow. After becoming a mother and experiencing first-hand how difficult parenting can be, she realized how important it is to support other mothers (and fathers) through empathy, compassion, and helping them learn strategies and skills to become the best parents they can be.

When she had her son, she struggled with getting him the sleep that she knew he needed and began to seek out as much information as she could. She did not realize that it would be so overwhelming. This sparked a passion in Samantha to learn as much as she could, and to help other parents that are feeling as overwhelmed (and sleep-deprived!) as she was.

This is what brought Samantha to Good Night Sleep Site. Samantha never realized how much guidance and support one needs to get their child to sleep until she went through it herself. She understands the importance of sleep and wants to be able to help families in need. She knows the frustrations behind sleepless nights and overtired children and wants families to know that they’re not alone. Samantha knew Good Night Sleep Site was a perfect fit for her because of its personal approach to sleep consulting. Every child is different. Every family is different. Every client is listened to and an individual plan is tailored to them.

When she is not spreading the word about the importance of sleep, Samantha spends her free time chasing her son around at the park, visiting with family, taking spin classes – and going to bed early!