Good Night Sleep Site takes special care to understand the needs of each of our clients to create a custom Sleep Plan for their family. We are so fortunate to work with some amazing parents and their children, and we are proud to share their stories.

“It was truly life changing.”

“Our son has a better quality of life because of Good Night’s program.”

A note from Alanna, founder and senior sleep consultant:

“When we begin working together you are welcomed into the Good Night family with open arms. I respect and value that you have chosen Good Night Sleep Site to share in this experience with you and look forward to guiding you through this process. There is a reason that many clients have become friends to Good Night and have shared their experiences with you. Please take a moment to read their words. These testimonials mean the world to us.”

Alanna McGinn Sleep Counsultant


If you’re considering sleep training, I can’t recommend Jennie highly enough. While much of motherhood is intuitive, sleep training, for me was not. My 8 month old son was sharing our bed up until the week we called Jennie for help. He almost never slept, absolutely had to be held or rocked, and rarely napped, which led to my husband and I basically not sleeping for 8 months! I tried to do everything “on demand” for as long as I could until I hit a mental wall and a friend recommended I call Jennie. I’m so glad I did. Now, my son sleeps 12-13 hours a night AND takes two naps a day! Unbelievable! Jennie was thorough, professional, reliable, kind, and understanding. She gave us lots of options and guided us through choosing what was best for our family. It’s amazing seeing my baby looking rested when he wakes up. I’m so proud of him. Some things I prefer to do on my own. Sleep training? No thanks.:) The support was well worth it!
– Shea D., Orlando, Florida

I HIGHLY recommend Jennie and Good Night Sleep Site. I came to her with a 4 month old that would only nap being held and would wake up every 2 hrs at night. We were exhausted and couldn’t take it anymore. In a matter of days my daughter was sleeping 12-13 hours a night, and taking 3 naps a day in her crib independently! Jennie is a miracle worker and has transformed our days with our baby. She is always available, encouraging, and a wealth of knowledge. Any parent would be so lucky to get to work with Jennie!
– Emily W., Orlando Florida

Working with Jennie helped us so much. When we began, our two-year-old had escaped her crib and we were really struggling with the transition to a toddler bed. She was awake multiple times in the night, showing up in our bed between 1-3 am every night, and suddenly wanting to start nursing again. We were so tired. She had always been a great sleeper and we didn’t know what to do. At the end of our two weeks of working with Jennie, she was sleeping 11-12 hours a night on her own, and she is getting more and more comfortable in her new bed.

One of the most valuable lessons Jennie taught us was that we need to make time in our lives that is dedicated to creating and maintaining good sleep habits. We thought we had a fairly good grasp on what we were doing, and at first I was reluctant to call and inquire about Good Night Sleep Site because I assumed that we should be able to handle it on our own. I am SO glad that I called! Having had this experience I can’t believe sleep consultants aren’t part of our overall approach to basic health care.

Jennie was able to talk through all of our preconceptions about sleep and go over a sleep strategy for our family that we were both crystal clear on. We had thought we were being generally consistent with our girls, but we learned through Jennie just how rigorously you must stick to the routine, and how clearly you must communicate with your children if you want to see changes in their habits. I was surprised at first by the preparation that was involved, but it also helped to get us excited and get our heads around it. Having her as a third party urging us on and forcing us to focus, update the log, and talk about it every day, really made a huge difference. Not to mention that we learned a lot about sleep habits and tips and tricks for working with the kids.

Jennie was well organized and consistently available for feedback, and it made a huge difference during this transition. I will definitely use her again if we have sleep problems arise in the future. I just wish I’d found her 4 years ago!
-Gemma M., California

It has been about two months since we started sleep training with Jennie. It has helped us out tremendously! Our son was 7 months that at the start and would nap exclusively on me or swing, and only after being fed. For bed time, we would have to feed and rock and pray he wouldn’t wake up while we were putting him in his crib. He would wake up several times a night just to be picked up and consoled, not to be fed, then the process would repeat and we would rock and hope he didn’t wake up. Now though, I put him down awake in his crib for two naps that last at least an hour each, and awake for bedtime for 12/13 hours straight at night!

I can’t even begin to say how much this has changed our lives. Thank you again Jennie, you helped us out so much and now L is a happy little boy again!
– Jessica C., Wesley Chapel, FL

We are so thankful to have found Jennie at Good Night Sleep Site FL! We have a toddler who was born premature, and has had medical issues since day one. After two years of never sleeping more than an hour or two, enduring countless nights of 4-5 hour screaming fits, and too many trips to the doctor and hospital, our family of five are ALL sleeping through the night!!

When we first talked to Jennie, we had come to her in tears as our last hope before putting our son through more medical testing. Jennie was so kind, and after hearing our story, was confident that she could assist our family. We worked together on a plan, and within a short time, our son was sleeping 12+ hours a night and taking 2+ hour naps during the day! She included everyone in our family as part of our plan, and made us all feel confident that we would succeed.

I highly recommend Jennie and the team behind Good Night Sleep Site. Thank you Jennie for helping us sleep well at night!!
– Marni W., Orlando Florida

We are forever grateful to Jennie for helping us through a difficult season. Our nine month old was waking every 2 hours (on a good night) since birth. We read the books, tried different methods and were at our breaking point. No one in my house was getting much sleep. From the first night using Jennie’s suggested techniques my son went to sleep on his and only woke 2x! Jennie was supportive and responsive while guiding us through the process. It was comforting to have her reassurance and expertise specific to my family’s needs…something I couldn’t have gotten from reading a book. My son is currently sleeping through the night and taking great naps! Life changing! Thank you Jennie for giving us the gift of sleep!
– Brook B., Virginia

I am happy beyond words that I stumbled onto the Good Night Sleep (Florida). Working with Jennie gave me the support that I needed to help my daughter get the sleep she needed. She is now not only a well rested baby but a baby who is 100 x’s happier. I attribute this to being well rested able to fall asleep on her own. I attribute this success to the support and guidance that Jennie gave me throughout this monumental task.
– Charlene F., New Jersey

Jennie was such a lifesaver for my husband and I !! After several months of my 11 month old still waking up in the night and pure exhaustion to just get him to fall asleep we were at our wits end. A friend referred us to Jennie who had great success working with her and we decided it was worth a try. Best decision we ever made !! Within a week Jennie helped us get my son on set daily schedule with two naps ! We went from barely one nap a day if we were lucky to two solid naps every day. Bedtime has become our favorite part of the day instead of the most dreaded. My son has done so well with the program and is such a happier child now that he is getting adequate sleep for his age. My only regret is not working with Jennie sooner. Definetley worth the investment.
– Jessica W., Orlando Florida

Jennie was amazing! We felt hopeless that we would ever get our sleep back again and our kiddo was super persistent. We dreaded putting him to bed every night because it would take hours and then we’d be up in the middle of the night to. We tried everything we could think of and I had read all the sleep books. Finally I did some googling and found this site. It truly has given us our life back. We now have a kid who puts himself to sleep and sleeps through the night. We have so much more time together as a couple and I don’t dread our nighttime routine instead I actually look forward to it. Jennie was the best! I mean really. On top of it, encouraging, she’s goes above and beyond what she is required to do to make sure she is helping you. Wish we had done this sooner!
-Meghan M., Ohio

Jennie saved me! Literally. We are SO thankful to her and her support! I’ve worked with many sleep trainers and there is something different about Jennie. She is so responsive and supportive. She not only gives you the tools you need to be successful but she guides you through it and adjust as necessary. Thank you Jennie!
– Kelly K., California

Jennie is a lifesaver! My 2 1/2 year old had only slept with me since he was born. He only could get to sleep if I was snuggled up next to him. Thanks to Jennie, he now sleeps by himself and in his own bed. He also went from sleeping 9 hours to 12-13 hours. Jennie was always available to answer any questions and concerns that I had. She was my constant cheerleader through this whole process. I am truly grateful for finding her and the Good Night Sleep Site.

– Jill M, South Carolina

When we started with Jennie, we were completely at our wit’s end and exhausted. The babies (twins) were sleeping in our bed and waking up every few hours. The bedtime routine was a nightmare. I really couldn’t see or envision getting to a place where they could sleep in their cribs and definitely not through the night. I was also extremely against cry it out and couldn’t fathom doing it. Jennie helped us through every step and motivated and supported me when I was ready to quit, and now, the twins are sleeping in their cribs and we are so much more functional as a family. Thank you Jennie!!
-Sara E, New Jersey

My husband and I got lucky: we tried for one baby and we ended up with two. In March 2016, F. and M. were born healthy and happy little babies and we fell in love immediately.When they were born, we felt very fortunate… Breastfeeding went well from the get-go, they didn’t have any health issues, we have very supportive friends and family, and F. and M. slept. On us. In our bed. In their carriers. In their rock-n-plays… we did what worked and allowed them to sleep and which allowed us to sleep, too. As new parents to twins – we were in survival mode. Was it all ideal? No – but it worked for us.

But, over time – newborn habits continued and challenges and frustrations grew. And at 8.5 months, we felt stuck, stressed and were tired of being tired.

In summary, we had two babies that could only be put down asleep… they didn’t love naps unless they were on a human and still often fought it… transitions to cribs took a long time… one or both almost always ended up in our bed… plus, in addition to nursing every 3-4 hours at night, my husband or I were in their room 3-5x inbetween nursing sessions to comfort and soothe. The list goes on. We had unpredictable days and nights and I was beat and often starting the day in a deficit and feeling negative and resentful. We also didn’t feel comfortable leaving nights to anyone else so we felt limited and didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone to watch F. and M. so we could go out.

Juggling two with very specific sleep requirements that were sometimes out of sync was a huge challenge.

Finally, we decided we needed help – and reading books and blogs and advice from other mamas just wasn’t cutting it. We knew what we were SUPPOSED to do. But we just didn’t have confidence and we had a lot of doubt in ourselves and in our children. Simply put – I thought we had developed habits that were irreversible and didn’t think they could do it.

But we needed a change. And we needed a 3rd/neutral party to help us get there.

I was referred to Good Night by another twin mom. Admittedly, I was reluctant about training” and didn’t think it would be right for us. I thought it would involve weaning and methods that weren’t right for me and my family. However, it has been exactly three weeks since our initial consultation with Jennie and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made since F. and M. came into our lives.

We’re still working on it and I know challenges will always exist – but after only two weeks of training, we now put Finn and Molly down awake at bedtime and for naps. They go for long stretches as night. The frequency of night wakings has diminished and we have a predictable schedule and routine.

I feel like a new women. I feel like a different kind of mom and partner. I see light and I feel like we’re a healthier, happier and entirely new family.

My husband and I have reclaimed some time to ourselves. More sleep, less stress, time to eat and laugh together – and ultimately recharge.

We are so grateful for Jennie’s guidance. She suggested a plan that would still allow me to breastfeed and made recommendations and suggested methods that felt right for us. As a mom herself, she was very understanding and flexible. She made herself available, she was very relatable and to be honest, I’m sad that our time together is over.

Throughout our two weeks together, we felt supported, listened to, cared about and educated. We’ve learned so much about F. and M. – and my husband and I have learned so much about ourselves, too. Although I don’t think they or we were ready for this before now – I wish we had looked into it sooner.

Thank you, Jennie. Can’t wait to keep you updated on our family’s progress.jenny

– Jenny & Steve B., Louisville, Kentucky

My son G., who is 3 years old, went completely off schedule following daylight savings time. He is usually an early riser, but he started to get up at 3 am and 4 am for the day and would not go back to sleep. We had previously used the Good Night Sleep Site for him when he was a year old, but this was an entirely different situation, in a big boy bed and able to easily walk out of his room. After talking to Jennie our sleep consultant, coming up with a sleep plan, and initiating that plan and sticking to it, after 1 week, Gabe was back to waking up at a normal time. We still have a road ahead, getting him to keep these new sleeping habits, but through Jennie’s recommendations, it made a very big difference! We are very happy with the results!
– Jerianne M., New Jersey
From the day my son was born, he was a terrible sleeper! I researched baby sleep online on my own (many, many, many times!) and was completely overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting advice. By the time my son had reached 6 months, we were at our wits end. We decided to hire a sleep consultant (NOT through Good Night Sleep Site). It was a complete disaster! After a week and a half, and many, many tears, we were in a way worse situation than when we started. We were very disappointed with the lack of progress in our sons sleep, as well as the lack of support. Fast forward 4 more months, and while we managed to make some really good gains in our son’s sleep, we still weren’t quite “there”. We were still having battles at bedtime and at least one night waking per night. Knowing that I would soon be returning to work, I knew my son’s sleep problems needed to be dealt with once and for all. After speaking with a consultant on the Good Night Sleep Site’s Facebook page, we decided to purchase a package. It was the best decision we could have ever made! Jennie was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only was she very knowledgeable, but most importantly, she was our listening ear, words of wisdom, constant support and cheerleader. She helped us pick a method what we were comfortable with for our son and family; She ensured that we had our son on an age-appropriate schedule; And through the feeding/sleeping log and phone calls, she was able to check in frequently to keep track of our progress, offer guidance, and reassure us that we were doing a great job and that our hard work would pay off. And boy, did it ever pay off! Our son is now taking two consistent naps, happily goes to sleep on his own at bedtime and sleeps through the night. Jennie, we cannot thank you enough!
-Jaime G.
Jennie was excellent! She helped us regain our sleep, and we are so thankful. We learned so much from her, and it has literally changed our lives! Hiring Jennie was the best decision!Our 4 year old daughter, G., had stopped napping about 6 months ago, and at the same time, started waking up multiple times at night. She would be up at 5:30 in the morning as well, for the day. It was a really rough 6 months, and we are so grateful that we found GNS!! Gia now naps everyday, or at least has a quiet time by herself in her room, goes to bed by 6:45, and sleeps until about 6:45. She knows her new sleep rules very well, and follows them. This experience has truly been life changing, we are so happy! Thank you!!
-Hannah A.
My 10-month old daughter had never slept through the night in her life, not even 8 hours. She woke up an average of 3 times each night, sometimes more. After the first day of working with Jennie, not only did my daughter sleep more than she ever had, but I got more sleep then I had in 10 months! Within the first week my daughter slept 13 hours at night. I am like a whole new person! This is absolutely worth the time, worth the effort, and worth the money! I cannot express how grateful my whole family is for this experience. I also have a 2.5-year-old son that was a bad sleeper as a baby, and still isn’t always the best sleeper. I was able to use some of the techniques that Jennie gave me with my son and everything worked great. We went from having to put him back into bed at night repeatedly, sometimes 5 or 6 times, to him maybe getting out of bed once. I used to hope that I could get my kids to sleep by 9:00 (often without success) and now they are both in bed before 7 and go to sleep on their own. Having had two babies that were bad sleepers I had done a lot of research and had tried everything I found, without success. With goodnight sleepsite you have someone laying everything out for you, and explaining everything to you, and someone who can answer any questions you have, and guide you along the way.
– Janae W.
Jennie was so helpful and laid out a straight forward plan for us. Within just two days my son went from co-sleeping to sleeping in his own bed and sleeping through the night without a feed or his pacifier! I am still in shock! Jennie was there to answer any questions I had as well as encourage me when the crying was bad. Thank you Jennie and the Good Night Sleep Site team!! I am finally a well rested Momma!
– Veronica C.
I had the best possible experience working with Jennie! She made me feel comfortable and strong while working with my son on his sleep training. I can now say that my son can self soothe and put himself to sleep with no problem! I am amazed how well this program has worked for me and my family and I can finally say that this momma has a bit of a life again . I would recommend Jennie to anyone who is struggling and is at wits end. Anyone who has tried everything else and nothing seems to work. She will find out how to help you through and give your child the gift of sleep! Give it a go, you will not regret it!
-Erin M.

I can’t say enough about how much Jennie helped our family! We had been co- sleeping with our 14 month old since he was about 3 months old. It started out as a last resort for us to get any sleep but towards the end none of us were sleeping well, including our son. It was clear he needed and was ready for his own space.We weren’t sure we were ready to sleep train our little one but after speaking with Jennie and we came up with a plan, we felt ready. She worked with us to develop a plan best suited for our family. We followed her plan and I’m so relieved to say that it worked, and quicker than we expected! The one thing that kept us going was Jennie’s constant support, reassurance and confidence.

In the beginning my husband was skeptical about needing professional support but a few days in he started asking “have you asked Jennie?” when we’d come upon a new situation. Sounds corny but she was like a life raft for us to cling to during the whole process and when I was unsure, she made me feel completely better, that we were doing the right thing for all of us. Thank you, Jennie for helping us accomplish this really important goal, we couldn’t have done it without you!

-Catherine G.

Jennie was such a joy to work with. As exhausted parents, her calm demeanor was exactly what we needed to get our lives back on track. Our son went from waking up several times an evening to sleeping nearly through the night in just a couple of days. She was there not only as a professional, but as a friend throughout our two weeks working together. When we had questions, she would always reference personal experiences which made us think we weren’t alone in this journey. And when we had less successful days (which we did), she always assured us that we would get through it. If ever we needed a quick answer, Jennie was just a note away – it was almost as if she responded real-time to any concerns we had. She was THAT attentive! While we had no intentions of hiring a sleep consultant, after an introductory call with Jennie, we knew we had to have her! The approach and her willingness to work around our parenting “quirks” was something we had not imagined. It’s hard to put into words how much Jennie has meant to our family. It is clear she takes her job very seriously and cares deeply for all of her clients. Thank you a million times!
-Lauren C.
Wow Jennie was awesome!!! I never thought I would need a sleep consultant because I was blessed with 2 awesome sleepers …. Then we moved and took one too many trips in a row and I was left with a very sleep disrupted toddler and even though I had a clue of what to do Jennie was an awesome support and helped me to actually get the job done. She also gave me so many pointers for potential future problems…. Like when we switch to a big boy bed. I would highly recommend her! Thank you! Oh and by the way it only took 2 nights:)
-Melissa C., Texas
Our son was doing great, but got off track when we moved around his 18 month mark. We struggled for a few months, and finally decided to give in and try a sleep consultant in hopes to have him back on track before our next baby arrives! We were so impressed to see improvement even on night 2 of the program! Each day and night got better and better, and with a few adjustments and tips from Jennie, we were back on track within a few days! We are so relieved and happy with the progress, and wish we would have called sooner! Some of the best money we have spent. I had tried reading tips/books on my own, but I truly believe it was Jennie’s expertise, guidance and support that truly did the trick! We will call her when our daughter is old enough for sleep training!
-Lindsey M., Orlando Florida
My husband and I had reached a new sleeping low (in a year of lows) with our 3.5-year-old daughter when we started working with Jennie – she had extreme difficulty going to sleep, night wakings, waking up early… We were all exhausted and desperate for change. I’d read so many books, we’d tried so many different things, and felt like nothing was making a lasting difference. Jennie’s help truly turned our lives around for the better. She developed a comprehensive plan that we’ve implemented, and her consistent, kind support during our time together helped answer new questions as they arose and allowed us to make adjustments as necessary. We now feel confident that we can help our daughter get the sleep she (and we) so desperately need, and we have Jennie to thank for that!
-Laurel H.
Hiring a sleep consultant was very beneficial for myself and my cosleeping 8 month old. Jennie was the voice of reason I needed to hear in order to give me the confidence to be separate from son and to help me understand that its okay to let your baby learn independence even if there is some crying involved. Grayson was always capable of sleeping through the night but I never really gave him that option too. From day 1, he slept thru the night. I am probably one of the lucky ones…but without Jennies words we would of been still in the pattern of sleepless nights!
-Kelly Y., Orlando, Florida
If you are struggling with getting your child to go to sleep and stay asleep, do not hesitate to call Jennie!! Jennie was in your shoes. She struggled emotionally and physically with the challenges to cultivate a healthy sleep hygiene for her first born. She not only knows well how this affects a child’s development, but also understands the undue pressure that it can put on the parents. It was out of this personal struggle that she developed this passion and decided to help other young parents. She has trained in a field that would make a difference in people’s lives. My husband and I really think that working with Jennie would enable you to give your child sufficient rest, and also would give you a routine to enjoy your life as a happy family.
-Ava N., Winter Garden, Florida
Working with Jennie has truly been life changing. I thought my 8 month old baby boy was just a bad sleeper, and I had to suffer through it. Night feedings, up 3-5x a night, rocking for hours every day. I thought this was just how it was, and nothing could change that…Enter my life saver, Jennie. She was amazing right from the start. So friendly and kind, and she seemed to have all the answers! She made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. So organized and detailed, she made the process seamless. The excel communication was perfect, so easy to do! She guided me through every step and offered guidance, support, and most importantly motivation. Now, I lay him down awake (which I never thought was possible!!!) he goes right to sleep without crying. He sleeps from 6pm-6:30am every night! No more rocking or night feedings. He takes 2 – 1 1/2 hour naps (which used to only be 30 mins!) and is such a happy well rested baby! Not only am I a better well rested, (and sane) parent again- but I’ve provided him with healthy sleeping habits! A win win! I cannot say enough good words about this process other than that I am truly grateful for Jennie! -Catherine G., New York
GF-Leilani F., Orlando, Florida
There are not enough words to thank Jennie for helping me teach my 8 month old daughter how to sleep on her own. We struggled for months upon months taking quick cat naps and waking multiple times during the night. Last night my daughter slept for 13 hours straight. This happens on a consistent basis now that Jennie has given me the knowledge and tools I needed. During the process, Jennie was so supportive and helpful and was really there for me day and night cheering me on and ready to answer any and all questions that I may have. I was very skeptical of this process at first but was desperate to try anything to help my baby learn to sleep and I am so glad I put my trust in her. I have given my child a gift that will last a lifetime and I have Jennie to thank!

– Megan D., Winter Garden Florida