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Our sleep consultant philosophy is that there isn’t one program or method approach to sleep training. Our goal is to work with you and set up a sleep plan that you are comfortable with to help your baby or child become a GREAT sleeper.  We don’t choose one over another. Choosing the sleep training method is only one small step in creating your baby sleep plan and customizing proper sleep routines for your baby, child, and family. Good Night Sleep Site is a family and baby sleep consultant practice in Vancouver, BC.  providing you with emotional and educational support to help your baby or child sleep better.

sleep consultant for vancouver,bc Exhaustion due to lack of sleep affects the whole family.  You don’t feel yourself, you are not acting or thinking like your old self. You may find it difficult to make any plans because you are so weary. Sleep is an important part of living a healthy life. Sleep is the time when the body is able to grow, repair and rejuvenate.

Vancouver is a beautiful walking city.  Maybe you feel too tired to go out and walk the seawall,  have chat with a friend, or enjoy the Vancouver temperate climate that allows for outdoor recreation.

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Our certified sleep consultant is dedicated to helping you and your family sleep easier and better. We find what works for you and your family and build on that routine. The nightmare of sleepless nights is over, and a new day has dawned! Whether you are a first time parent, a been-there-done-that parent, or a parent of multiples, you and your child are about to start a wonderful sleep journey and our sleep consultant in Vancouver can’t wait to help you sleep again!