Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Laura Wilson

Becoming a Good Night Sleep Site consultant was a natural fit for this Peel District School Board teacher and mother of three. Laura is gaga over babies and loves kids of all ages; she’s passionate about being of service to others; and there’s no doubt, she appreciates a good night’s sleep.

One thing motherhood taught her early on was to ask for help. Like many new parents, Laura spent her share of nights trying to get her first-born to sleep. Realizing she wasn’t going to learn how to do it on her own, she reached out to a sleep consultant. It was the best decision she could have made as it had a positive effect on the whole family. Once she learned how to sleep train her daughter, everyone was enjoying restful nights—including her two babies who soon followed.

If you need help teaching your baby or toddler to sleep, Laura is here for you. A Toronto native, she has years of experience as an educator and is a past director of Mommy Connections East Toronto. She feels blessed to continue helping parents and their children by spreading the joy that comes from sleeping well.

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