Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Tracey Locke

Tracey Locke is a Certified Family Sleep Institute consultant with the Good Night Sleep Site.
After struggling with sleep issues with her first (biological) child, Tracey was determined not to make the same mistakes with her son born in 2020. She reached out to Alanna and her team who set her family up on a customized path that transformed everything she thought she knew about baby and toddler sleep needs. And the best part – her family started really sleeping for the first time in years.
It was after her own first-hand experience working with a sleep consultant that she realised how little education new moms receive when it comes to sleep – and felt a calling to help families like her own to form safe sleep habits early in their parenting journey.
For over 20 years Tracey has run her own successful esthetic business  but was itching to make a change that would have a larger impact on people’s lives. Now as a Certified Sleep Consultant she is working with parents each day helping them reach their sleep goals.
Tracey lives in Welland, Ontario with her husband and her three kids and catching up on all her favourite thriller television shows she missed when she was a sleep deprived new mom.

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